Heres What The Users Have To Say About MAKESAFE™

Great testimonial on the broader reach of the DetectSafe™ product. Amazing how this helped reduce the loss to the business. Terrific job Gary and the Team for making such a quality and versatile product.

Ron Guthrie - Co-Founder/CEO - Green Shield Labs, Inc.

It’s not often in life that you get more than you expected. Here is one on those products. DetectSafe™

Graham Porter - G.R.P.Technology

Thanks Gary for the post. Our client is really happy with DetectSafe™ as it’s performance is more than just a pest monitoring device.

Cheers Amanda Goh General Manager Compesti™ Malaysia

Compesti Sdn Bhd

Bait safes installed to various void walls to help with a hard to reach infestation. Great way to install void baits easily and look great. Why wait for them to come to you when you can get to them first. Fantastic product. If needed the man to contact is Gary.

Matthew Ochello

Hey Gary, Been meaning to message you… The BaitSafe®’s for the cockroaches at one of my hospital sites have worked a treat…. installed 36 of the bad boys… awesome results. Cheers for your advice and help mate!!!!

Tom Whalley

BaitSafe® has allowed Adams Pest Control to regain control of challenging infestations under control of the Department of Health. The versatile nature of the device has allowed us to monitor activity levels and treat as required. The fact that BaitSafe® doesn’t limit us to a single type of treatment is also great. We have used the one device to hold monitoring boards, monitoring blocks, gel baits, rodenticide blocks and insecticide pest vapour.

Paul Moreira

Another happy customer.
Many thanks for your e-mail and the attached file and video link.
Having gone over the file and videos, I now know that BaitSafe is a top-of-the line multiple use pest management delivering tool, not to be compared with any in the market world over.
I am particularly impressed with the flexibility that comes with it and would be privileged to promote it in my region and beyond.

Damion Mahon

It’s a no brainer. Bait Safe is the go for tool.

Steve Gould ( AIEMA )

Thanks Gary! I think your product is awesome by the way. Feel free to contact me to network. I have many contacts in the Pest business and food safety/sanitation world.

Guy David Metcalf

Great information Gary, I have used in the past but I thought it was limited to mice and rats only. You have now educated me even more. Thanks once again.

Carlos Grajales

Gary I already use baitsafe for projects where it is applicableI even used them as access ports for a skinned building that had cluster fly. Client was happy as they return every year so we just pop open the bait safe and ULV the void safely

Mark Wiseman

Hi Gary, Thanks for sending me the video. I think the BaitSafe is a great bit of kit and regularly use them for my rodent control. When delivering my training courses I also explain how your product works as an example of presenting bait safely in hard to access areas. Keep up the great work and stay in contact.

Matthew Benton