DefendSafe™ Possum Barrier


DefendSafe™ Possum Barrier creates a Green Barrier to protect your plants from invading Possums. DefendSafe™ Possum Barrier does not harm Possums by using Natural, Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable oils to send Possums packing from your garden. DefendSafe™ Possum Barrier Concentrated is value packed as just 1 Ltr makes up to 5 litres giving a Barrier of protection depending on weather for up to 7 days.

DefendSafe™ Possum Barrier is also Safe to use around Children and Pets and even Safe to use on new growth.

Made from: Phytogenic Plant Products

So Join the Green Team today and create a Natural Barrier that Possums will hate around your garden.


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Weight1.20 kg


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