Defendsafe™ Earth Bag Barrier 3 Pack Bucket Comes A With A Bonus Of 2 X 10ml Refresher Bottles



MakeSafe™ Earth Bags are a Humane alternative to TRAPS- POISONS-GLUE BOARDS or other PESTICIDE control methods that are ready to use and are SAFE to use around Children and Pets

MakeSafe™ Earth Bags are filled with the scent of Nature to form a barrier against rodents AND insects naturally. Ideal for use in enclosed spaces, the MakeSafe™ Earth Bags emit a strong, Natural aroma that humans find pleasant, but pests hate.

Each MakeSafe™ Earth Bag can be conveniently hung or placed anywhere signs of pest activity exist to form a barrier against rodents, cockroaches, spiders and other crawling insects.

Each MakeSafe™ Earth Bag will repel pests for approximately 30 days and can be conveniently refreshed each month by adding 1/3 of the 10 ml Refresher bottle to each bag included in each bucket. (Additional DefendSafe™ 3 pack 10 ML Refresher Bottles can be purchased through our Store)

Recommended enclosed placement locations are: Living Areas, Under Kitchen Sinks, Wardrobes, Cupboards, Basements, Attics, Garages, Sheds, Vehicles, Farm Equipment, Caravans, Boat’s, Holiday Homes etc. (Multiple MakeSafe™ Earth Bags are recommended for effective treatment of larger areas.)

The Safest-Cleanest-Greenest way to help safeguard your property and machinery against pests that does not cost the “Earth “- MakeSafe™ Earth Bags.

So Join the Green Team Today and help reduce the use of rodenticides and pesticides by grabbing a Earth Bucket or 2 of Nature today.


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