DefendSafe™ Ant Barrier – Ready to Use 750ml

We have something very special happening to our defendsafe™ product range. This item will be due back in late September, early October, please be sure to pop back then!

DefendSafe™ Ant Barrier Ready to Use 750 ML Spray that can be applied to hard surfaces such as inside cupboards, concrete paths, pavers and timber decking just name a few to create a Barrier against Ants ( excluding Fire Ants ) 100% Naturally. DefendSafe™ Ant Barrier is a 100% Natural – Non Toxic – Bio-Degradable product that like all DefendSafe™ Products is safe to use around Children and Pets.

Simply spray into the nest or onto the surface where the ants are present to create a Green Barrier that will repel the Ants from the treated area for up to 4 weeks or longer depending upon site conditions.


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