DefendSafe™ Plant Barrier Care Concentrated


DefendSafe™ Plant Care will create a barrier against pests such as, Aphids, White Fly-Thrips and grubs while at the same feeding your plants with Natural Oils to help maintain their strength and growth.

DefendSafe™ also does NOT harm Bees, Lady Bugs, Butterflies and Praying Mantis.

DefendSafe™ Plant Care Concentrated is great value as 1 ltr makes up to 5 ltrs, and once applied creates a Green, Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable barrier against pests that is safe on Edible plants, and safe around children and pets.

DefendSafe™ Plant Care depending on weather will last up to 7days.

Made from: Phytogenic Plant Products

So Join the Green Team Today and create healthier, stronger plants without the use of Chemicals.


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Weight1.20 kg


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