DefendSafe™ Dog Insect Barrier Spray 100 ML

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One of the most mind-boggling choices dog owners face is how to safely guard against, flies, fleas and ticks. Those creepy crawlers aren’t just gross; they can transmit disease to both pets and people. Our dogs need protection, but many of the solutions on store shelves or online are loaded with chemicals that could be risky to their health—and yours.

DefendSafe™ Personnel Dog Insect Barrier is a ready to use spray that protects your dogs from insects 100% Naturally. DefendSafe™ Dog Insect Barrier Spray is a Green, Natural, Non -Toxic product that will create a Barrier to ward of Flies, Sand Flies, Mosquito’s, Fleas and Ticks for up to 4 hrs. Simply spray into the palm of your hand and give your dog a well-deserved rub down all over. DefendSafe™ Dog Insect Barrier Spray is also Safe to around Children.

While DefendSafe™ Dog Insect Barrier Spray is 100 % Natural please note to avoid spraying into your dog’s eyes, ears or mouth and always test on sensitive skin.

So Join the Green Team Today and create healthier, stronger plants without the use of Chemicals.


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