Rodent traps, while effective, only address individual rodents.  Baits are the most effective way to control large infestations.
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Rat poison is available in various formulations and can prove effective in ridding your home or business of Rats and Mice.

But beware; rat poison is toxic to humans, pets and the environment. It is important to consider the dangers associated with rat poison prior to their use and the manner in which baiting is carried out.
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The team at MakeSafe® has significantly reduced those dangers with the development of Bait Safe®.
BaitSafe’s® patented locking system keeps the dangers of poisons well away from accidental access by children or pets. Without the key the poisons contained in the station cannot be accessed.

MakeSafe® only recommends the use of 1st generation baits by the general public.

Depending on the size of the infestation different types of poisons may be needed. Please consult a Pest Control Professional for this. Experts can perform inspections and suggest methods of extermination that will be most effective while minimizing risk to people or pets. Pest control professionals are trained to address large infestations carefully and effectively. Your Bait Safe® product can still be used and your local pest controller will be glad you’ve got one. It will make his life easier and safer.

Please remember that if you must bait for Rats or Mice think of the dangers faced by young children, pets and the environment and always Bait Safe®.