Next Generation in Bait Station Technology


MakeSafe®’s first product in a line of innovation is BaitSafe®. Referred to as the “Next Generation in Bait Station Technology”. BaitSafe® has under gone 2 years of extensive field testing preparing for the Companies launch at the Adelaide Convention Centre on July 11.

Prior to the products release BaitSafe® has already proven to be a winner by her peers. Gary McMahon CEO and Co-Inventor said “The Collison Award and HACCP’s accreditation for use in the Food Industry adds depth and credibility to BaitSafe®. We are not just telling people how unique and safe BaitSafe® is, we’re proving it.”

The Companies product BaitSafe® has been designed for use not only by the Professional Pest Control Market but householders as well. Gary also adds “BaitSafe® is a pest control product like no other. It can easily be installed within a home or building. BaitSafev can be fitted to ceilings, eaves, external stud walls, lean too’s, sub floors, virtually anywhere that Rats and Mice live and breed. BaitSafe®’s patented locking system prevents accidental opening of the bait station thus denying access to the poisons located within. The only way a BaitSafe® bait station can be opened is by use of the BaitSafe® tool.”

Some of the key features and benefits the Company lists regarding the BaitSafe® Product includes:

  1. Baits are installed directly into the environment where the Rodents are present
  2. Once the baits are installed behind the  BaitSafe®  unit they are safe from children, pets and the environment
  3. Checking and refilling of the bait system is carried out easily and safely
  4. Ceiling heights are not an issue as an extension pole allows easy access to Bait Safe products installed in high ceilings
  5. Installation is complete within a matter of minutes
  6. Checking of baits and replacement can be undertaken in under 30 secs
  7. BaitSafe® removes the need to enter hazardous locations.
  8. BaitSafe® is easy to install and safe to maintain.
  9. BaitSafe® works 24hrs a day in protecting people and property against the dangers of Rodents

Fellow Inventor and Director Nathan Wilson explains “There are a lot of advantages in using the BaitSafe® product over conventional methods. A person no longer has to put themselves at risk by entering a roof space. BaitSafe® is clean and user friendly. It’s as simple as changing a light globe”.

James Scales also one of the Inventors and a Director is not be out done by adding, “Rats and Mice are the second most successful mammal on the planet after man today. Many life threatening diseases can be transmitted to humans by rodents but perhaps the most widespread problem involves the distribution of food-poisoning organisms for example Salmonella bacteria”.

The Trio states that the only limitations placed on the product come from the user’s imagination. Some examples of BaitSafe®’s uses other than Residential and Commercial dwellings are, Holiday Homes, Apartments, Aged Care Facility’s, Child Care Centres, Schools and Hospitals just to name a few.

The Company is looking forward to working with both the Public and the Professional Pest Control Industry on the benefits of using of using BaitSafe®.

As the Team at MakeSafe® say “If people must bait for Rodents, think children, pets and the environment and always BaitSafe®”.