MakeSafe’s™ Champions

A company does not become a great one by living in a vacuum, or going it alone. There is usually a talented group of people from other Organisations on the team who assist in that process. This section is about those wonderful and talented people and the Companies they represent. Please feel free to give them a call anytime if you require their services and tell them that “The boys at MakeSafe®™ sent you”

You won’t be disappointed, we guarantee it.

Chris Marshall

Senior Partner Harris Orchard is a well-respected Accounting Firm both here in Adelaide and abroad.

Chris has consulted with a wide range of clients on tax, asset protection, estate planning and all matters of financial management.

He acts as a principal advisor for a diverse range of successful businesses. Examples of his work include advising boards of directors at quarterly meetings, detailed tax planning, and specific projects involving syndication of investments and private equity involvement.

Max Dickinson

Designmakers Pty Ltd is a company of design professionals who are committed to providing a comprehensive design and development service. Max and Tony Kearney: Director at Designmakers, product development combines a sound knowledge of materials, processes and technologies with a creative analytical approach to generate innovative, market focused solutions.

Craig Vinall

Craig's expertise also is widely known and respected throughout the Patent Industry. Craig has significant experience in patent, design and trade mark work acting for a number of major Australian companies in the mining, manufacturing and child safety industries.

He also has many years of experience in relation to patent and trade mark oppositions and patent litigation in the Federal Court of Australia.

Graham Porter

A consulting engineer managing G.R.P. Technology specialising in design and development of products, processes and company development. He grew up in a large organization in NSW in the chemical, coatings, plastics and engineering industries. Has extensive experience in R&D / marketing / distribution / financial / computing / process plant design / production /process management & control / quality control / automated control / product design /plastics and company management.

He has a depth of experience in over 50 different industries, creating products that have found their way around the world, through connections with multi-national clients or direct pitches for clients to companies in the USA and Europe.

Andrew Leunig

Business architect and coach. He has over 25 years of experience in banking, accounting and management consultancy and his clients range from start-up ventures to well-known public companies, from Government Agencies to Regional Development Boards.

He is a CMC (Certified Management Consultant), a Chartered Accountant and a Facilitator with Mindshop (a global network).

GARON Plastics

Garon is a Custom Plastic Injection Moulding Company providing a team of professionals who bring a wealth of creative and technical skills to the project table.

The team provides a complete product development and tooling services through a highly experienced network of engineers, industrial designers and toolmakers.

Garon is committed to understanding and serving customer needs to provide quality cost effective solutions.

Phoenix Society

Phoenix Society was established in 1958 with just sixteen employees in Adelaide’s CBD.

Today Phoenix employs trains and develops people with disabilities to attain an improved quality of life to over 800 people annually through employment, School to Work Transition Programs and our Intensive Training Unit.

Located across five metropolitan and one regional facility, Phoenix is seen as an industry leader in the provision of employment and services to people with disabilities.

In the community Phoenix is seen as an innovative and dynamic employer of people with disabilities that provides life changing opportunities. At Phoenix we strive to enhance each and every individual’s work-life balance and it’s this philosophy that makes Phoenix an Australian Disabilities Enterprise employer of choice.

MakeSafe® is proud to have the Phoenix Society as a key partner who’s responsibility is the assembly, packaging and distribution of their product BaitSafe® both Nationally and Internationally.

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