MakeSafe® achieves World First Dual Certification & Endorsement for their Product BaitSafe®


The HACCP International Endorsement Programme is aimed at organisations that are required to supply ‘food safe’ equipment, machinery, supplies and services to the food industry. Non-food items and services that are used extensively in food manufacturing, handling and supply can have a significant impact on food safety and operators. HACCP based food safety programmes often look for assurance as to the appropriateness of such items.

HACCP’s methodology is one whereby they simply, practically and scientifically assess the product(s) or product range(s) with regard to all facets of food safety; their compatibility with HACCP based food safety programmes and their contribution to food safety. The process includes examination of the design, manufacture, materials, instructions, delivery, storage, accuracy, labelling, food safety claims and any other relevant food safety matters.

Certificated products generally need to be:

  • Well designed with ‘food-safe’ characteristics
  • Non toxic (or appropriate levels of toxicity)
  • Easy to clean (or appropriate for use)
  • Likely to reduce the risk of any form of contamination
  • Designed for a low consequence of error in use

Martin Stone, Director of HACCP International quoted: “MakeSafe® has achieved a World first with their dual certification; BaitSafe® is the first and currently the only device endorsed for both rodent control and insect control in food handling facilities”

Gary McMahon C.E.O of MakeSafe® added “ The Company and its Partners were delighted with achieving HACCP Rodent Certification Internationally but to also achieve HACCP Insect Certification Internationally was the icing on the cake. This has certainly stamped BaitSafe’s® ability Globally as a versatile and reliable product for the Food Industry”. The applications of BaitSafe® Gary said “Were only limited by the imagination of the user. Innovation is hugely important because things change and customer expectations and needs change. Technologies change and our own capabilities evolve and change. It’s important that we continually look forward to see where our users are going so that we can meet our users at that point of change. “

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