Have you heard a scratching noise in your ceiling in the dead of night and ever wondered what it might be?

Well chances are that it is a pair (or many pairs) of rats causing damage to piping or electrical cables and anything else that they can get their teeth into. All across the ceilings of the world rats and mice are living rent-free, having the time of their lives; playing games and perpetuating the species.

Life’s great up there in the roof and there’s the added bonus that much of the food we love to eat ourselves is also on the Rodents shopping list. Rats and mice can be found in and around every city, town and farm on the Continent. It is a conservative estimate that there is one rat for every person living in Australia alone.

So how can we get rid ourselves of these pesky intruders without endangering our own health let alone that of our children, pets and the environment?

By Baiting Responsibly.

Baits are the most effective way to control large populations of rats and mice. However with a ready supply of poisons available in hardware stores and shopping outlets “DIY” baiters are often not aware of the serious repercussions of not baiting properly. Rats often carry baits that are not secured in place to where they can be picked up by children or eaten by pets.

BaitSafe® is the “Next Generation” in Rodent baiting for both the DIY and professional Pest controller. With the invention of BaitSafe® we understood the dangers of baiting and the dangers to our environment associated with it.

BaitSafe® developed by MakeSafe® Pty Ltd is a pest control product like no other.
BaitSafe’s® patented locking system prevents accidental opening of the bait station thus denying access to the poisons located within. The only way a BaitSafe® bait station can be opened is by the use of the BaitSafe® tool. The “Spike”  secures the bait to the underside of the station significantly reducing the risk of rodents  carrying it away.

BaitSafe® can be fitted to ceilings, eaves, external stud walls, lean to’s, sub floors virtually anywhere that rats and mice are found. BaitSafe® is ideal for Homes, Apartments, Business, Holiday Accommodation and more.

To see just how effective BaitSafe® Bait Station’s are watch our Bait Station in Action video with live footage of the Bait Station shot in night vision.