Giving Back

BaitSafe is proudly Australian Made & Manufactured

We may be small, but we believe very strongly in the power of the few to effect change.

BaitSafe® is proudly Australian Made & Manufactured and we know all too well the struggles against the consuming tide of overseas products and the negative impact it has on Australian businesses. We also know the stress and the temptation to leave our shores to find, what we believe at the time, to be a more competitive solution. We also know that a lot of Australian businesses big and small are fighting against that tide to remain proudly Australian, and they need our support!

When you buy an Australian Made product you get the added bonus of knowing that your purchase is helping to keep jobs here in Australia and providing our children and grandchildren with a brighter, better future. You also give this Nation a big shot in the arm and that's got to put a smile on everyone's dial. So the next time you go shopping; look for the Australian Made logo and do your bit to keep this Country great.

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