Find out why rat poison is killing our wildlife


The most common and harmful pesticides to Australian wildlife is rodenticides

Today's most widely used rat and mice poisons are highly toxic not only to the rodents that directly consume the bait but also to the non-target animals that eat the contaminated rodents.

Primary poisoning occurs when an animal ingests a pesticide directly – for example, a brushtail possum or antechinus (a small mouse-like native marsupial) eating rat bait. Secondary poisoning occurs when an animal eats another animal that has itself ingested a rat bait – for example, Boobook owl or a Wedge Tailed Eagle that had eaten rat bait.

Rat and Mice baits can kill wildlife, as well as cause illness which increases an animal's risk of being preyed upon.

The sale of products containing brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difenacoum and difethialone, while banned in Countries such as the US, Canada, and Europe directly to consumers are freely bought from Supermarkets and Hardware stores here in Australia.

Why are they banned in these countries???????

Poisoned animals that consume baits made from the above products suffer from uncontrolled bleeding or haemorrhaging, either spontaneously or from cuts or scratches. In the case of internally haemorrhaging, which is difficult to spot, the only sign of poisoning is that the animal is weak, or (occasionally) bleeding from the nose or mouth. Affected wildlife are more likely to crash into structures and vehicles and be killed by predators.

Rat and Mice baits kill over a course of time between 5 to 10 days and will remain in the rodent's tissues longer. This means that by the time the rodents die's after consuming the bait—they can have up to 30-40 times the lethal dose in their bodies. Meanwhile, they stumble about and are easy prey for predators and pets who eat them, introducing what is called "secondary poisoning" to "non-target animals" who also die a long and painful death.


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