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What happens if I see a Rat?

When you see a rat take action immediately.
The problem won’t just go away. You should take measures to exterminate the existing population. This may be achieved by trapping or baits. Just remember that baits are poisons and should be treated as such. If you are unsure on how to bait properly please call in a Professional. BaitSafe® is also available to the Professional Pest Controller who are trained on the best methods to safely eradicate Rats and Mice.

Can BaitSafe® be used for both Rats and Mice?

Yes. BaitSafe® can be installed directly into the areas where Rats and Mice live and breed. BaitSafe® can be installed in ceilings and eaves, sub floors, external wall cavities, apartment blocks, rental properties, sheds or even holiday homes.

What baits are safe to use?

All baits are poisonous. Some more than others. At MakeSafe® we would recommend only a 1st Generation bait to be used by the general public. This particular kind of bait is least likely to cause harm to secondary targets such as children and pets. It will also help keep our waterways and environment safe. If you find that this is not sufficient to eradicate the problem then we recommend you contact a Professional Pest Controller who will most likely use a 2nd Generation bait. This is a one feed kill and should only be used by Professional Pest Controllers. BaitSafe® will accommodate both forms of baiting.

What damage can Rats and Mice cause?

Apart from transmitting disease to humans long term gnawing of rodents can be the cause of serious damage in and around your home and business. Typically, they may damage doors, skirting’s and other parts of buildings, upholstery, books, food containers or packaging, and parts of equipment or machinery.

The gnawing of wires and cables may cause the breakdown of telephone systems and other equipment. Short circuiting of electrical cables have been directly related to more that 7% of house fires.

Can anyone install BaitSafe®

Yes. BaitSafe® can be installed by any competent home handy person. All installation instructions are included in the box.

How many BaitSafe® stations should I use in my home?

The average 3 bedroom home would require between 3 to 5 BaitSafe® stations. This would totally be your preference however the areas that mostly attract Rodents are, the pantry, the kitchen, the meals room and the garage.

I really like the product however I am not sure about installing the BaitSafe® stations inside. Is their anywhere else outside the home that I can use it?

Yes. BaitSafe® can be installed within the eaves of your home, in a cupboard in the garage or an overhead cupboard in the shed just to name a few. BaitSafe® also comes with an external O ring to keep out dust.