Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Any home – Anywhere – It’s that easy.

BaitSafe® has been designed to be installed easily by the home owner or a pest control professional.

BaitSafe® can be installed into any standard 90mm hole and can be fitted to ceilings or eaves, between sub floors or external wall cavities.

A template is provided to mark out the 90mm size required which can be made with either a Gyprock saw or a drill fitted with a 90 mm hole saw. You may also want to try the unit out in an existing down light hole that has already been made in your ceiling.

Once complete the base unit is inserted and screwed down as per the instructions. The Bullet that will contain the bait can be cut to suit the depth of the cavity or ceiling void if required using pliers.
Once satisfied the bullet containing the bait is inserted into base plate securely and locked into place by the BaitSafe® key.

The key can be screwed onto the end of any standard paint pole, allowing for the changing and inspection of baits above ground at any time easily and safely.

BaitSafe® has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing to any home, office or business décor. Because of BaitSafe’s® flat contour design the base unit is virtually invisible within its surrounding, it can even be painted to match existing room colours.

Click here to download our Easy Installation diagram or video