Easy Access

Easy Access

BaitSafe® – It’s as easy as changing a light globe.

Placing baits in ceilings is a very dangerous way of baiting for a number of reasons

  • The roof space is often poorly lit and usually a very confined area which can result in small cuts and scratches over the body while manoeuvring through the small space. This can also run the risk of contamination by bacteria from rodent urine or faeces entering the skin through these scratches or cuts.
  • Roof trusses are sometimes slippery or hidden below insulation. This can lead to misjudgment of footing which can result in property damage or personal injury from falling through the ceiling.

Other conditions which can be harmful to your health and safety;

  • Dust, dirt, insects and various types of bacteria found living in roof spaces.
  • Exposure to Rat and Mice droppings and urine which carry disease.
  • Electrocution by faulty wiring.

And it doesn’t stop there. You must then face these same conditions again when refilling or checking on the bait dispenser.
By using BaitSafe® all the issues mentioned are removed plus more!

If BaitSafe® is installed within ceilings or eaves then access is as easy as a paint pole away. By screwing the key onto the head of the paint pole the baits can be checked and replaced from the safety of the ground in under 30 seconds.

BaitSafe® has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing to any home, office or business décor. Because of BaitSafe’s® flat contour design the base unit is virtually invisible within its surrounding and can even be painted to match existing room colours.